History of the museum

First restorations and cataloging of antiquities contained in the Sanctuary of Corbetta were made during the half of XIX centuury by the then rector Carlo Chierichetti, local historian.


The museum was created as a pilgrimnage's street that illustrate the religion's history in Corbetta ed in his sanctuary, from the miracoulouse appareance of 1555. Objects were first exposed in the priest's house and only starting from '40 they were placed in upper rooms of the cloister annexed to the sanctuary to make them accessible to the public.

The museum's rooms were visited in 1955 from Giovanni Battista Montini, at that time archbishop of Milan and then pope Paul VI.


The museum has now reopened after restoration in occasion of the IV centenary of the canonization of Saint Charles Borromeo and consists of paintings of sacred art and precious objects donated as votive, gathered in the Chapel of Blessings, in the second courtyard and in the apartments above the cloister.


Here is conserved a serie of church's furniture, including some altarpieces in gold and precious stones, or silk woven, made for the high altar of the lower church of San Nicolao or devotional chapels, and tableware in gold and silver liturgical. Precious are also notable paintings of the best italian painters of XV to XVIII cent. including Giulio Cesare Procaccini, Giovanni Stefano Danedi "il Montalto" e Luigi Pellegrini Scaramuccia "il Perugino".