Carlo Chierichetti

The creator of the Museum

Don Carlo Chierichetti is consideret to all intents and purposes the founder of the Museum of the Archdiocesan Sanctuary of Our Lady of Miracles in Corbetta, first conceived the current buoyancy of the permanent exhibition and careful cataloguer and connoisseur of the history of the same site.


In November 1861, after the death of Father Giuseppe Mettica, administrators of the oratory of the Blessed Virgin invited don Carlo Chierichetti, then curate at the parish of St. Victor, to assume provisionally "the functions of Chancellor in the Sanctuary." Shortly after it was signed a definite agreement between the Chierichetti, who had accepted the appointment, and administrators of the church, July 7, 1862 he was officially appointed rector, by decree of the diocesan.


Don Chierichetti gave great attention to the artistic aspect of the sanctuary, the devotion to Our Lady and to restore calm and correct and relations with the parish seat. During his long ministry (in all nearly 40 years) demonstrated excellent ability to involve the people and aristochrats of the city. So, when he stressed the urgent need to repair and restore the floor and decorations of the top of the sanctuary, he found many who helped him, first of all, Count Giuseppe Trivulzio and the noble priest Ernesto Tanzi.


The charisma of Don Chierichetti and initiatives he promoted to enhance the sanctuary favored the further spread of the cult of Our Lady of Corbetta. Between 1870 and 1875 were counted on average ten thousand pilgrims a year, from more than one hundred and twenty different locations. Masses "avventizzie" celebrated in the upper sanctuary reached two thousand units per year, reaching maximum concentration in the month of Perdono and the minimum between January and February. Chierichetti in person was interested in printing of hundreds of holy pictures, woodblock prints, color prints for framing, and even a medal specially produced by the renowned Milanese firm Johnson.


For his passion and devotion, Chierichetti began receiving copious donations that went to increase the already rich heritage of the sanctuary including in April 19, 1880 a donation from count Carlo Frisiani of four precious candlesticks, two shrines and a cross "studded with stones" and 1000 lire for the restoration of the facade in 1882 by the Marquis Lorenzo Isimbardi. In 1887 don Chierichetti obtained the decree of canonical erection of the cross stations that he had commissioned in 1874 to Giuseppe Porro. In 1897, during the pastoral visit of cardinal Andrea Carlo Ferrari, he picked up the praise about the work in the historic sanctuary and the opera of recoverage he worked for the protection and preservation of artistic and architectural.


He died April 25, 1898 after nearly half a century of priestly ministry, mourned by many.